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Basic Garage Door Maintenance

In order to maintain your garage door and ensure its ongoing efficiency, it's important to spot the small problems before they eventually become more serious. Conducting regular inspections and knowing what to look out for will help you look after your doors so they have a long and trouble free life.

Component Inspection

The best way to start your garage door maintenance is to give it a simple inspection. Give every component the once over, checking every moving piece to the puzzle. Despite seeming like a waste of time, just having a look over your garage door can highlight the first signs of wear and tear. This will allow you to understand exactly where you need to start your fixes. You should have a look at: the springs, the cables, the rollers, the pulleys, any motorised parts, and any moving parts.

Stop and Listen

Where some problems can be identified by a visual inspection, others are more noticeable when you simply listen. When opening or shutting your garage door, keep an ear out for squeaks or scrapes. Any unfamiliar noises could be an indication that parts are in need of lubrication, repair or replacement. When combined with a component inspection, you will have a general idea of any small problems your garage door may be suffering.

Lubricate Any Moving Parts

Your garage door is made up of many moving parts. As such, these moving parts may rub against one another, or start to creak under years of stress. Lubrication is important to ensure that your garage door can continue to open and close efficiently without causing problems. Without lubrication, your garage door will groan and creak when in operation, and may find it hard to do its job properly. It takes ten minutes to lubricate your garage doors moving components, and the necessary grease or spray can be bought from your local hardware store.

Check your Roller Tracks

Over your garage doors lifetime its rollers will become clogged with debris that will reduce the doors efficiency. This is a problem, so it’s important to check your rollers and clear them out whenever possible. Whilst you’re there, you could even check the level of the track. If you find that the tracks are not level, you should call a professional immediately. Balancing roller tracks is not a job that can be a dangerous job if not completed properly.

Check the Safety Features on Your Automatic Garage Door

An automatic garage door comes with a range of safety features that are put in place to protect you in case something goes wrong. They come as standard with all automatic garage doors, and will cause the garage door to act in reverse if it senses a problem. The best way to test the safety features of your automatic garage door involves a roll of kitchen roll (the bigger the better). Put it in the path of your garage door and press the button to close it. When the door gets close enough, it should sense the kitchen role, and put itself in reverse. If you have any problems with this test, you should consult a professional immediately.

These are just a few of the basic ways to check and maintain your garage door. If you find any major problems, or simply wish to let a professional service your garage door properly, GM Garage Doors are here to help. For more information, please contact us on 01865 373973 or send us an email.


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