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Roller Garage Doors vs Sectional Garage Doors

You can add style and security to your home with a number of different types of garage door, all of which have their own pros and cons. In this article we look at two popular choices, sectional and roller garage doors, to identify which might better suit your home.

Roller Garage Doors

These doors have revolutionised the way we save space in our garages. Roller garage doors are made up of small sheets which roll around a drum when the door is opened, creating an efficient space saver that's perfect for smaller garages. When professionally installed you are guaranteed to see years of efficient use, with minimal maintenance.

Pros of Roller Garage Doors

  • Built to fold in on itself, meaning it is perfect for homes with minimal garage door space.
  • One of the most secure garage doors on the market.
  • Available in a range of materials, all of which come with their own pros and cons. For more info on garage door materials, please read our article.
  • Can be fitted to an electric opening mechanism for ease of use.
  • Help to insulate against noise and drafts.
  • Come with clever safety features built in to prevent nasty accidents.

To see the full range of benefits take a look through our Roller Garage Doors page.

Cons of Roller Garage Doors

  • Not as customisable as other garage door types.
  • Not very compatible with garage door windows.
  • Very difficult to open and close in the event of a power cut, especially if you have a disability.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors consist of four or five panels, which are pulled up vertically on a track and lay flat against your ceiling when the door is open. They are highly customisable and add a sleek and stylish look to any home.

Pros of Sectional Garage Doors

  • Sectional doors use rubber seals as a simple way to improve security considerably.
  • Made in standard sizes so it's easy to modernise your garage door whenever you feel the need.
  • Automation is an additional extra, so the door is easy to open and close in the event of a power cut.
  • Available in a wide variety of different materials, colours, and finishes to complement your home.
  • No kick out when being opened, meaning you can park close to the door without any problems.

Cons of Sectional Garage Doors

  • Installation can be tricky, as there are a lot of moving parts involved. Always have a professional install your garage door for you.
  • It is an expensive alternative to other types of garage door.
  • Not as durable as other garage doors thanks to its number of moving parts. This also applies to maintenance as these parts need regular oiling.

Here at GM Garage Doors, we like our to be 100% happy with their new door and our service. For more information on the garage door types we have talked about today, please feel free to contact GM Garage Doors on 01865 373973 or send us an enquiry.


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