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Security Shutters

Two year guaranteeAt GM Garage doors we understand that security in your home or workplace is a high priority. Our range of security options can help protect against vandalism, burglary and many other safety concerns.

GM Garage Doors offer a range of different security options that can help give you peace of mind. Our security products are insurance approved and to a police preferred specification so you’re sure to find the security shutter that suits you.

Our Range Of Security Options

See Through Security Shutters

There are some environments that demand high security as well as transparency. The transparent security shutters are perfect for high street shops or shopping centre stores that wish to protect their business but still allow customers to see what they have to offer.

Counter and Cabinet Shutters

We have a range of internal counter or cabinet shutters that offer protection to bars, clubs, and many other customer focussed businesses. The internal counter and cabinet shutter is composed of a steel roller security door that is pulled down over each individual counter space to give you maximum protection.

Built-On Security Shutters

This roller security door is a great way of protecting your home from the threat of vandalism or burglary. The shutter box is fitted to the outside of a window allowing you to change the shutters whenever you want. The solid metal roller is then pulled down over the window and locked in place to protect your property.

Built-in Security Shutters

Like the built-on security shutters, this safety measure works by using a solid metal roller door to protect your home. The difference is that the shutter box is on the inside of your home so it cannot be seen from outside your property when it is not in use. The built-in security shutter is more aesthetically pleasing than the built-on security shutter, as it does not change the appearance of the outside of the property.

Retractable Security Gates

Our retractable security gates are a high quality security feature that can be fitted to windows and doors to protect your home or business. The gates retract to the wall so they can be neatly hidden away when not in use. The gates are designed to keep possible intruders out whilst letting the maximum amount of light in.

Removable Window Bars

The removable window bars are the perfect solution for a property that wants to invest in security but needs to remove it as and when required. The bars are fitted using retaining units that keep the bars in place, and each metal bar can be released in seconds using a special locking system to ensure ease of use.

If you wish to find out more about our security shutter options, then please give us a call on 01865 373973 or send us an enquiry through our contact us page.


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